Monday, February 2, 2009

The heart trac site will be down for 3 days.

The heart trac site ( will be down for 3 days. This downtime is caused by reformation of network infrastructure. I know you will understand that.

Thank you

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have started to work with the HBase project on the implementation of "Bloom Filters". I feel this technology will be very useful to HEART.

Currently, the Hbase implementation has problems, but there is some talk of a HFS implementation that may make the HBase code a moot point. Any comments?

Bruce Williams

Monday, October 27, 2008

We built the official heart project site.

To mature our project, we firstly built the heart project site. This site, made by trac, provides a wiki, a subversion repository browser, and an issues tracker. You can visit the heart project site ( ) now.

Now, the domain name of our site is not available yet, but it will be registered within three days. The domain name will be Also, you can access the site via either http or https; I recommended https. The subversion repository is described in the front of the site. It is currently available.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heart Meetup in NHN, corp.

Heart Proposal v.01

I propose an Heart meetup in NHN, corp on 1st of November. we'll be focusing on distributed computing and the Heart.

LOCATION : 1F Lobby at SK C&C BD, Bundang-Ku JungJa-dong, KOREA REP.

3:45-4:00PM | Food/drinks and get seated
4:00-5:15PM | Presentation (hadoop/hbase)
5:15-5:20PM | Break
5:20-5:50PM | Technical Discussion (heart)
6:00-7:30PM | Dinner

Comment to Attend Here.

Again, very fundamental paper for this project.

* Fundamental Storage Strategy
"The main contributions of this paper are: an overview of the stateof the art for storing RDF data in databases, a proposal to vertically partition RDF data as a simple way to improve RDF queryperformance relative to the state of the art, a description of how we extended a column-oriented database to implement the vertical partitioning approach, and a performance evaluation of these different proposals."

* Semantic Web Capabilities

* Semantic Data Mining

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some papers, relevant to our project (the rdf problem), are accepted at ICDE 2009

At Oct, 10.

Accepted papers at ICDE 2009 are posted.

There are two of impressive named papers about rdf.

"Efficient Computation of Formal Queries from Keywords on Graph-Structured RDF Data"
Thanh Tran, AIFB; Sebastian Rudolph; Philipp Cimiano; Haofen Wang

"Efficient Indices using Graph Partitioning in RDF Triple Stores"
Ying Yan, SAP Research Center, China; Chen Wang, IBM CRL; Aoying Zhou, East China Normal university - China; Weining Qian, East China Normal University, China; Li Ma; Yue Pan, IBM CRL

I do not read these papers because they are not published yet.

Anyway, we should consider all of papers on three major conference of database area (SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The official Heart project blog.

Heart is a Highly Extensible & Available RDF Table project, which develop a Hadoop subsystem for RDF data store and a distributed processing engine which use Hbase + MapReduce to store and to process RDF data.

This blog will shows you the information of how we are work. :)