Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have started to work with the HBase project on the implementation of "Bloom Filters". I feel this technology will be very useful to HEART.

Currently, the Hbase implementation has problems, but there is some talk of a HFS implementation that may make the HBase code a moot point. Any comments?

Bruce Williams


Edward J. Yoon said...

AFAIK, Hadoop is incorporating the bloom filter code that is in HBase to make a

apurtell said...

HBase will fix bloom filters for release 0.20.0 (the next release is 0.19.0). See . Bloom filter augmented map files have already been taken up by Hadoop for their 0.20.0 release. See .

Ronald said...
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Ronald said...

Sorry, converted the link,

this may be helpful at least for those unfamiliar with bloom filters:

Ryan said...

I'm currently working on bloom filters in HBase, if you have any contributions or other aspects I would suggest you join us on #hbase and have a conversation.